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Welcome to Sonshine Preschool at Orchard Community Church!

Nurturing the growth of children
Supporting their families
Encouraging faith

Sonshine Preschool is a child-oriented school. Preschool children learn through creative play, firsthand experiences, and through the use of a variety of materials, both indoors and out. We provide a safe environment where children are encouraged to make friends, become independent, develop self-esteem, develop self-control and make good choices.

Registration for 2021/22 School Year

Only a few spots open! Call TODAY!

Registration is open to all families and is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. We hope to be able to accommodate your requests and to confirm your space in the program as you register.

For more information on our programs and Forms for Registration please visit our Programs Page

Looking Ahead to 2021/22

It is our greatest hope to open the 2021-2022 school year as a typical school year where all classes will begin at 9 am and end at noon and that we will be able to offer our extended hours programs.

As we learned in 2020, life can be unpredictable. We will reassess our plan to open like a typical school year in the summer. If we find that we have the same restrictions we do now, we may not be able to offer our extended hours programs and we may have to stagger our start and end times (ex: 8:45 am-11:45 am and 9:00 am-12:00 pm).

Annette Walters - Sonshine Preschool DirectorAnnette Walters
Director, Sonshine Preschool
8180 Telephone Road, Ventura

Why did you choose Sonshine Preschool?

  • When looking for a preschool for our 2-year-old son, Hudson, we looked all over Ventura County (we live in Camarillo) for the perfect fit. For us, the initial draw to Sonshine was the outstanding reputation they have within our community. Friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers all sung their praises and we knew we had to schedule a tour. After just 20 minutes there, we knew it was the perfect fit for our family and a place where our son could thrive. Sonshine emulates a warm and comforting environment led by passionate and energetic teachers and staff. We have seen tremendous growth in our son and know that his teachers are dedicated to helping him learn socially, spiritually, and emotionally. Hudson absolutely loves going to preschool every day and we feel so grateful for the safe and supportive community we are a part of with Sonshine. Sending Hudson to Sonshine was one of the best decisions we have ever made!
  • Why we love Sonshine... As a pediatric occupational therapist, finding a play-based preschool was extremely important to me and Sonshine does such a good job of making learning fun and play focused! My oldest child attended Sonshine for two years and was perfectly prepared for kindergarten so it was a no brainer that my second would attend as well. He already felt like part of the Sonshine family having met all of the caring teachers over the years that the transition into preschool was a breeze!
    Lauren T
  • As a kindergarten teacher, I know how important developing early social skills is for children. I started thinking about preschool for our son when he was just a few months old. There are many wonderful preschools in Ventura. We chose Sonshine because the moment we stepped onto the campus, it felt like home. Sonshine offers a great play-based program with amazing educators. The children are engaged daily with developmentally appropriate activities including art, math, science, language arts, sensory stimulation, and much more. What Sonshine can offer over other preschools is the feeling of community. We are greeted every day by their amazing director, Annette, who knows every child by name. Everyone at Sonshine treats us as if we are part of their own family. They sincerely care about us and ask how we are doing. I know my son is safe and loved when he is at school. Sonshine is his home away from home, and we couldn’t be happier with the decision we made to have him attend their preschool program.
    Lang Family
  • Finding the right preschool seemed like a daunting task being a first-time parent. After a few tours and meet and greets we were feeling defeated. The moment I called Sonshine to inquire I had a feeling of peace, Phyllis and Annette were so kind and helpful! When we went to tour the preschool our son was so comfortable there. The teachers and staff all love and care about my child! They teach through play and make school FUN! As a family, we look forward to school events and activities. We have made new friends and really love the Sonshine community! Sonshine Preschool is not just a school, it’s now an extended family!
    Hibdon Family
  • We chose Sonshine because I went there and it still had a great reputation when it was time to send my daughter to preschool. We love Sonshine for the reason that we all feel like family. The teachers and staff are all so welcoming and loving to the children and parents. Also, Ellie’s growth has been tremendous, both socially and academically. We are so glad we are apart of the Sonshine family!
    Flores Family
  • We picked Sonshine preschool for our son because of their focus on the entire child. We loved how nurturing they were and their value of Biblical teachings. We loved that they recognized each child learns differently and that a lot of learning can be done through playing. Sonshine has truly been the best school, we wish our son could attend this school his entire school career. Sending him here was the best decision we have made.