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Welcome to Sonshine Preschool at Orchard Community Church!

Nurturing the growth of children
Supporting their families
Encouraging faith

Sonshine Preschool is a child-oriented school. Preschool children learn through creative play, firsthand experiences, and through the use of a variety of materials, both indoors and out. We provide a safe environment where children are encouraged to make friends, become independent, develop self-esteem, develop self-control and make good choices.

Registration for 2021/22 School Year

Only a few spots open! Call TODAY!

Registration is open to all families and is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. We hope to be able to accommodate your requests and to confirm your space in the program as you register.

For more information on our programs and Forms for Registration please visit our Programs Page

Looking Ahead to 2021/22

It is our greatest hope to open the 2021-2022 school year as a typical school year where all classes will begin at 9 am and end at noon and that we will be able to offer our extended hours programs.

As we learned in 2020, life can be unpredictable. We will reassess our plan to open like a typical school year in the summer. If we find that we have the same restrictions we do now, we may not be able to offer our extended hours programs and we may have to stagger our start and end times (ex: 8:45 am-11:45 am and 9:00 am-12:00 pm).

Annette Walters - Sonshine Preschool DirectorAnnette Walters
Director, Sonshine Preschool
8180 Telephone Road, Ventura

Why did you choose Sonshine Preschool?

  • I visited several preschools before I toured Sonshine, and I could feel the environment here was more fun and more nurturing. I knew this was where I wanted to send my kids. The Sonshine Staff is loving and caring and create an amazing environment for the kids. My older daughter had some tough moments starting school, but her teacher was so loving and knew exactly what to do and within a few weeks, she had overcome her anxiety. Now both my daughters go to Sonshine and they love school so much. It is the best preschool and a blessing to our family! I would highly recommend Sonshine to anyone looking for a preschool.
    Coleman Family
  • We picked Sonshine preschool for our son because of their focus on the entire child. We loved how nurturing they were and their value of Biblical teachings. We loved that they recognized each child learns differently and that a lot of learning can be done through playing. Sonshine has truly been the best school, we wish our son could attend this school his entire school career. Sending him here was the best decision we have made.
  • In my family, Sonshine Preschool has become a tradition. I attended this preschool and have fond memories of outside play, art, and science exploration. Now both of my girls have had the experience of growing in this preschool space. My first child learned to be kind to others and share in this space, before her sister came along. Now my second is thriving in this safe environment for exploration. Choosing a place to trust with our little ones can be very difficult. Sonshine Preschool is a place you can trust because of the dedication of the staff, which is seen in each lesson and space they provide. I believe Sonshine preschool is just big enough for our little ones to grow and just small enough for them to thrive.
    They have a great community, communication & caring!
  • If you are searching for a preschool program that is play-based, child-centered, organized, well-planned, and full of love for your family and your child, look no further. Sonshine stood out as the program that exceeded all the things we were looking for by providing a well-run program that gives kids opportunities to develop socially, emotionally, and academically through play-based experiences. When we toured Sonshine (one of many preschool tours we did), we felt sure, in our hearts, that this place was centered on the children and on bringing them joyful opportunities to learn through play. Our three children have attended the 2’s, 3’s, and 4-year-old classes. Our oldest two transitioned to elementary school with ease, both socially and academically, and our youngest is currently in the 3’s class. We love Sonshine preschool!
    Kate S.
  • This was our first time enrolling a child in preschool. It can be nerve-wracking and a lot of pressure to make sure you find “the perfect one”. On our first visit to Sonshine, we felt welcomed and comfortable like we were already part of the family. We love the environment and are very pleased with the structure of the daily schedule. The entire team is amazing! We could not have chosen a better place to nurture the development, creativity, and well-being of Brooks. I know when we drop him off, he is going to have a great day full of fun and growth! We are so glad we found Sonshine!
  • Our girls will remember teacher Laura for the rest of their lives!
    Bossoletti Family